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Sampler Bundle

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This sampler pack is a great place to start off as a new customer. It will help you access our wholesome and effective natural products at a very friendly price point. We hope you enjoy these cute mini-cosmetics and are looking forward to your next order ;) Only $1.99 for shipping in Canada and 3.99CAD to USA!

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I love it ... I haven't tried the mask yet, but I love the sampler pack ...

Thank you Elizabeth, hope the mask also impressed! :)
Love it!

Smells amazing! Goes on beautifully!


Sampler Bundle

Love the sampler!

Who doesn't love to sample a product before they buy it? This sampler bundle was great! I will definitely be buying these products!

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Real customer reviews

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Great product

I love this mask! Not only does it smell soooo good but it truly works and on my very sensitive skin

Smells great and seems to work!

I've tried every natural deodorant out there. This one with baking soda seems to work without any takes so far ( about 30 days). Only bought samples.. Going to buy full size next.

Best deodorant ever

I have been using this deodorant since the beginning of Glowing Orchid! This is the only deodorant that has worked for me, and that I feel GREAT about putting on my skin. This is my first time using the baking soda free version, as even with the original formula, I do not have sensitivities...and I am sensitive to EVERYTHING! I love getting the imperfects. Always a treat!
Also, I buy 2 per year, sometimes I get even more out of them!!! So as much as they seem "more expensive" they are actually much cheaper! I also prefer to apply with my fingers, I find it blends in nicer, doesn't give white marks on my shirts, and lasts longer (on me and supply wise)! I am a sweaty gal and this stuff works!
You may need to detox if you are just switching to natural deodorant, but don't let it deter you!! Just do a nice clay mask on the underarms a couple times a week for the first little bit.... but after that, you're golden! I haven't had to detox in years :)

So good!

I tried about 5 different plastic free (or limited plastic) deodorants before finding this one! Not only is it way better than any other I tried but the paper applicator is genius!

Great smell for a long lasting product!

This is a deodorant that does NOT quit!