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47475 Sumac Drive, Boston Bar, BC PO291 V0K1C0                                      

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Home Studio Address:

47475 Sumac Drive                                                                                             Boston Bar, BC                                                                                                 V0K1C0


★ Real Customer Reviews ★

Real customer reviews

276 reviews
best natural deodorant

Best natural deodorant hands down. I have tried a lot and this is by far the best!! I have gotten a lot of people onto this brand too, everyone is extremely happy.

Trial Vanilla Deodorant

I ordered a trial of this deodorant and was pleasantly surprised when I saw how cute the envelop was in the nail. Unfortunately we were going through a heat wave and when I opened the lid it poured out all over me (I was expecting it to have fully melted). The company was great and sent me another one. I love the smell and I find that the deodorant does a good job of keeping me smelling fresh. I do have to rub it in after applying it and find the texture to still be really soft. The vanilla smell however is fantastic.

Lemongrass & Rose smells amazing!

Love the Lemongrass & Rose deodorant. It smells so good! Picked it up at my local zero waste store. This was the first good deodorant I’ve found in zero waste packaging that works well.


I absolutely love the deodorant I purchased from Glowing Orchid. I’ve tried several other organic deodorants but still had reactions. Glowing Orchid supplied me with the one that fits me❤️

Beautifully scented