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Deodorant Made Different.

Our aromatic deodorants will make you wonder where they have been your whole life.

They absorb and wick away your perspiration so you still stay dry.

By using carefully sourced ingredients, we've achieved complete odour protection without preventing your body from sweating; a natural part of your bodies temperature regulation and detoxification process.

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All Day Protection from Smelly Odour

Certified Organic Essential Oils

3-6 months of use per stick

84 grams

100% Vegan

Mineral Rich Detoxifying Clays

ZERO bad stuff or preservatives

Beautiful Biodegradable Paper Packaging

You can apply with the stick, not just your fingers :)

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Some of our customer reviews!

"I’ve had so much trouble with natural deodorants, either they just wouldn’t work for me, or they’d give me a horrible rash. This stuff is AMAZING. Lasts all day, smells sooo good, and doesn’t irritate my skin AT ALL. This is the first time I’ve ever restocked on the same natural deodorant.. cause this stuff actually works. Thank you so much Glowing Orchid!"


"May I share my exciting story? I come from a family line of very warm-blooded people (not just hot because of my age (51) but have always been warm/hot). It has been a journey for me to find an all-natural deodorant that actually works for me (and one that won't discolour my armpits as well). While standing next to a display of this deodorant one day, I smelled the different ones there and decided to buy one and give it a try. I'm so thankful I did!! I am now on my 2nd stick of deodorant (I purchased two more after having such great success with that first tube). We just returned from 12 days of dry camping in 35° weather in the Okanagan - hot days and nights. I'm thrilled to say that this is the first all-natural deodorant I've found that works for me - even in that incredibly hot weather - wow! I find I'm applying less of it than when I first purchased it too - and it still works!! My armpits stay dry, and the white deodorant when applied fades into my skin so no white shows after a minute or two (unless I apply too much, then the white stays in the crease). This deodorant works as well as the chemical-laden anti-perspirants I used to use (ick!). I'm amazed with this product and sooo appreciative!!! Thank you Glowing Orchid Organics - I love the smell and track record of all three deodorants I've purchased so far!! "

Robin Ediger

"I’ve been using natural deodorants since the 90’s. I have literally tried almost everything out there, and nothing has ever really worked. I would either be dripping sweat, or smelling like a dirty hippie after only a few hours. I’ve been using the lavender/peppermint for about a year now, and I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it. I work a physically demanding job, and I’m also quite active in my personal life. This product will work all day with just a morning application, and you can feel good about what you’re putting on your body while also supporting local! Thanks so much for creating something that actually works! "

Lindsay Cowan

★ Real Customer Reviews ★

Real customer reviews

334 reviews
Love it!

I love this deodorant!! It goes on well. Works great! And smells amazing!!!

Thanks Mandi! <3
Beautiful Natural Scent that Lasts

My mom bought me the Lemongrass and Rose deodorant and I instantly loved it. Im a huge rose and lemon scent fan because of how refreshing and clean they smell. When it comes to natural deodorant I don't find the scent lasts very long but oh my goodness this one lasts all day and its amazing!!! I am so happy that this combination exists, and that it is vegan and organic and consciously packaged. Definitely going to continue using this product.

Wow Katrina, the photo you posted blew us away, it's so beautiful. You're very artistic thank you for your thorough review !! <3
Wonderful Product

I am usually a Lavender and Rosemary lover but wanted to try this for a change and I love the scent of this one also. Love the deodorant !

Made the change

Hi I had actually ordered the wrong one for my daughter, she wanted the one that had the rose so I quickly sent and email and you were so quick to make it happen. Thank you for the great service and great product

Deodorant heaven!

Just discovered this brand and the peppermint deodorant is amazing!!!! It makes me want to get up in the morning and I’m totally addicted!!! Lol