Baking Soda vs Baking Soda Free Deodorant?

Which one should you choose?

Baking soda has been getting so much bad reputation lately and we also noticed the growing demand on the baking soda free version we offer. Baking soda is often associated with bad skin reactions such as red rashes or irritation, and if that happens to you while using a natural deodorant please discontinue use immediately.

Does it mean that in general baking soda/ sodium bicarbonate is the enemy and you should automatically opt for the bs free option? Not necessarily.
Baking soda has amazing antibacterial properties to help control the bacteria that grows in our underarms, which cause odour when they break down sweat.


A well formulated natural deodorant shouldn't contain too much of it though. Baking soda has a pH of about 8 to 8.5, it's alkaline, while our sweat is mildly acidic. At a low baking soda concentration, our sweat neutralizes the alkalinity of the baking soda and dissolves it, so you shouldn't get any irritations. That's why many of our customers even with known baking soda sensitivity have no problem using our original formula.  

If you do get bad skin reaction it means that your acid mantle pH level is slightly different, which can be affected by age, gender, race, as well as diet, extreme heat/cold, sun, pollution or even that time of the month for ladies. In that case your choice should be our baking soda free version, however, I would suggest digging deeper and figuring out the main cause of your discomfort, which can truly make the difference between the ability and inability to use this amazingly effective ingredient.

Either way...don't worry, we got you covered so you don't have to go back to antiperspirants or other natural deodorant brands that are not as effective as ours🤗


Ps. If you are wondering that our bs free version works as well as the original formula just read this review or see the feedback under the product page.

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★ Real Customer Reviews ★

Real customer reviews

324 reviews
It works

Wanting to get away from anti-perspirant, I was looking for an effective product. Came across this one. this deodorant really surprised me in its effectiveness, both in keeping me comfortable and from a scent perspective. Will be switching from commercial anti-perspirant to this.

I was so excited to try a new natural deodorant that had such good reviews as I have used some in the past that didn't work so great. I am really sad to say that this one also fell short. I ordered a few different scents and have only tried the Grapefruit & Bergamot one. I find that the efficacy starts to wear off after about 4-5hrs. I do really like the consistency of the deodorant and enjoy that it is baking soda free. Fingers crossed that one of the other scents works better for me

Sent you an email Bethany, we'll work it out :)
Smells Amazing Feels Even Better

I got this body cream just before a really cold snap and it kept my legs, arms and hands feeling so soft and moisturized and smelling great. I've loved every product I've purchased from you and I feel good about supporting a local Canadian business.

Thank you Tabitha! We sure did get a cold snap this year, we're so happy that our whipped body cream could help keep your skin protected :)
Back to purchase more!

Bought the sample size of a few to try and this was my favourite and works so well. The one I had been using for years stopped working so I needed a change and I have tried soooooo many and finally found one that works, doesn’t feel sticky but also glides on (I do rub it in with my fingers but I’m ok with that; am sure you could just sway your arm to rub in if that makes sense but I don’t) and somehow dries to feel nice - I love it! Off to purchase the full size!

Thank you for this review! Great call on the swaying your arm, that definitely works as you go on your day it rubs in and absorbs on its own, but rubbing it in yourself can be your best bet because you can also check yourself for any lumps at the same time! :)
Best deodorant ever!

This deodorant smells amazing and works so well. Even through a sweaty hot yoga class! I will definitely be buying again 😃

Love that you do hot yoga Angela, and that our deodorant is there to keep you fresh! Thank you for your support!