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Our Mission Beyond Glowing Orchid Organics

Since embarking on our journey with Glowing Orchid Organics we have always wanted to help areas in the world that are less fortunate than us. We are super proud that after just under 16 months of being in business we have now made it to the point where we can begin this new journey with our new partnership in the Global Giving Initiative.

We did a lot of research before choosing B1G1. From the wide array of Projects & worthy causes to give to, to the fact that 100% of the giving is directly to the causes, we are very happy with our choice to become a business for good.


July 6, 2019 marks day one of our Official Giving Journey. Let's see if we can make a BIG difference and reach 1 million impacts together!


We thank you so much for being a valued customer and an integral part of this journey with us. This brings new meaning to love the glow share the glow!

Sincerely & with gratitude,

Judit & Attila

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★ Real Customer Reviews ★

Real customer reviews

299 reviews
Plastic Free!

So refreshing to find a plastic free option at a reasonable price! Lovely scents

Great product

I love this cream, it will be perfect for my dry skin this winter!

Great but...

I really love this product as far as natural deodorants go. It actually works, smells great almost all day and doesnt irritate my extremely sensitive skin. The only downfall is that it goes on like paint. Extremely noticable, very white armpits. I may continue to use it but switch to my regular deodorant on sleeveless days.

Thank you for the great review and the constructive criticism :) Since the main ingredients that contribute to the deodorizing are white, we are unable to do anything about the colour without doing a whole new formula, which we may attempt sometime in the future. In the meantime, don't be afraid to rub it in with your hands it won't leave any film on your hands and it absorbs into your underarms so there's no more whiteness, please give it a try, it's not icky at all and since we're all so busy these days, you can use it as an opportunity to check for lumps while you have that brief moment of intimacy with yourself :)
Love everything I buy

Best natural deodorant I’ve ever use think I’ve been using it for two years now had tried so many others before now my mom and many of my clients use it too

Thank you Michelle! That's great to hear you've got your family and clients using it too! Thank you so much for the positive word of mouth <3
Immuno Deffence❤️

I’ve tried a lot of organic deodorants but all gave me side effects like inflammation & rashes. Immuno Deffence is the best deodorant for me...hands down!! ♥️

Thank you so much for your support Dianna (L)