100% Natural French Vanilla Deodorant in Plastic Recyclable Tube Container Regular Size Front (84 g | 3 oz) Glowing Orchid Organics
100% Natural Immuno Defense Baking Soda Free Deodorant in Plastic Recyclable Tube Container Regular Size Front (84 g | 3 oz) Glowing Orchid Organics
100% Natural Vegan Deodorant in Plastic free, Biodegradable Paper Tube Container - How To Use Our Biodegradable Push up Tube Explainer GIF Video Glowing Orchid Organics
100% Natural Vegan Lemongrass & Rose Deodorant in Biodegradable Paper Tube Container Regular Size Front (84 g | 3 oz) Glowing Orchid Organics

IMPERFECT Deodorants

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All our natural deodorants are hand poured, thus leaving room for cracks, dimples, and spillage. Using biodegradable containers results in occasional errors, slight damages on the bottom of the paper tubes or oil stains. Perhaps a little difficult to push up, slightly underfilled, overfilled or mislabeled.

If you don't care about imperfections now is the time for big savings!!

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Customer Reviews

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Perfectly imperfect

I love that these work just as well as the "perfect" product and that the savings go 2 ways ... my pocketbook and the environnement!

Great philosophy! We agree, thank you for your support Jen!
Love everything I buy

Best natural deodorant I’ve ever use think I’ve been using it for two years now had tried so many others before now my mom and many of my clients use it too

Thank you Michelle! That's great to hear you've got your family and clients using it too! Thank you so much for the positive word of mouth <3
Best deodorant ever

I have been using this deodorant since the beginning of Glowing Orchid! This is the only deodorant that has worked for me, and that I feel GREAT about putting on my skin. This is my first time using the baking soda free version, as even with the original formula, I do not have sensitivities...and I am sensitive to EVERYTHING! I love getting the imperfects. Always a treat!
Also, I buy 2 per year, sometimes I get even more out of them!!! So as much as they seem "more expensive" they are actually much cheaper! I also prefer to apply with my fingers, I find it blends in nicer, doesn't give white marks on my shirts, and lasts longer (on me and supply wise)! I am a sweaty gal and this stuff works!
You may need to detox if you are just switching to natural deodorant, but don't let it deter you!! Just do a nice clay mask on the underarms a couple times a week for the first little bit.... but after that, you're golden! I haven't had to detox in years :)

Kaley! Thanks for the awesome review :) Very informative for anyone on the fence!! :)
LOVE the Lemongrass and Rose!

I first tried these deodorants when I received a free sample of the Bergamot and Grapefruit at a market last summer. I only started using it this past summer and I was hooked! I’ve tried multiple kinds of natural deodorants and nothing even compares. I do line work, so lots of sweaty hard labor and this stuff seriously works. I got the Lemongrass and Rose and it works just as well! So happy with these products!

We've been there! Holding onto a sample waiting to use it .. eventually... So many times you never get to it, but we are so thankful that you took the time to give ours a try, a year later! The deodorants have a great shelf life since we don't use water in the formula so no bad bacteria growth :) Thanks for the amazing review Michelle.
Perfect deodorant for a great price!

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this deodorant. It was just put into the wrong package. I love that these are discounted and I will continue to buy them! Great idea and less waste!

Aren't these the best deals?!:)) Although I have to say I prefer not to make mistakes like this in the future haha:) Thank you for being our awesome customer<3
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