Deodorant - Lime Mojito

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  • Have you ever sat on a tropical beach and been served a cocktail? With our all natural, aluminium free unisex lime mojito deodorant you will feel invigorated throughout the entire day with the fresh citrus of key lime and kick of mint. This is our top choice for those who like to work hard and play hard.

    • All day protection
    • Scented with organic & fair trade essential oils
    • Cost effective
    • Available in zero waste packaging
    • Vegan formula
    • Leaping Bunny certified - cruelty free

    Enjoy 3-6 months of odour protection per tube of our carefully formulated (see the ingredient list) sweat absorbing deodorant, which performs well even during in the hottest summer days, a hard work out, hot yoga and even pregnancy or postpartum.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Nicole S. (Winnipeg, CA)
Fave deodorant!

Glowing Orchid natural deodorants are by far the best! I love all of the scents and they provide 24 hour protection even on the hottest of summer days! Would love to see a vanilla lavender in a paper tube if you’re looking for any new scent ideas GOO!

Al R. (Vancouver, CA)
Ready for anything

Ready for anything

Nothing makes me feel more prepared to take on the day to day stresses of taking on the world than being braced with a Lime Mojito! Lasts all day and smells great!

Megan (Calgary, CA)
No stress stink!

I am an RN, and often have a lit of stress sweat situations at work, where other natural deodorants fail me. This stuff keeps me smelling fresh all day long, even when I'm running around a busy, stressful unit! The gin &tonic is also awesome for stress sweat!

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