Deodorant - Peppermint & Lavender

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  • Kill them with kindness, they said. This all natural, aluminium free deodorant will set you up for just that. The freshness of peppermint will keep you alert and the lavender will keep you grounded. A must have unisex scent for those days you need to be focused and productive.

    • All day protection
    • Scented with organic & fair trade essential oils
    • Cost effective
    • Vegan formula
    • Leaping Bunny certified - cruelty free

    Enjoy 3-6 months of odour protection per tube of our carefully formulated (see the ingredient list) sweat absorbing deodorant, which performs well even during in the hottest summer days, a hard work out, hot yoga and even pregnancy or postpartum.

Customer Reviews

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Darcy C. (Vancouver, CA)

I am very sensitive to natural deodorants and this is the first one I've tried that doesn't give me a rash. Have used the Earth Synergy for a couple years and love both scents. Works wonderful to keep any odor down ans while it does go on a bit white, the heat of your body melts that right down and there's no transfer to my clothing.

I got the cardboard tube and I don't love it... good idea in theory but the edge gets mushy from contact with the deodorant when applying and how snug the top goes on so I can barely maneuver the lid on now. Will get the plastic one next time... this stuff lasts me for so long tho it'll be a while!

HI Darcy

Thank you for the thoughtful review. We are constantly trying to improve the packaging, but unfortunately there's only so far we can go with biodegradable paper. It's just a compromise some choose to make for the reduced ecological footprint, however for those who want to make healthier deodorant choice without the downside of the paper tube we have the plastic one as you mentioned :) I'm very glad you gave the paper a chance and we will be happy to fulfil any and all of your future orders regardless of which option you choose. For the time being, when you reapply the cap, try twisting at the same time when you push it on. If you need you can pinch the inner rim of the frayed paper before hand or if it's really smushed even trim it very carefully with an exacto knife.


Georgia (Vancouver, CA)
Great for sensitive skin

Will never buy a different deodorant again. Im very sensitive to deodorants specifically and this is the first one that I don't react to. It even soothes razer burn. It's doesn't build up on my cloths. It's very easy to wash off my skin and my cloths. I consistently smell fresh. All around an amazing product. It does melt though as I just found out on a warmer trip. But it solidifies back without issue. I've tried 4 different scents and I love tham all. The lavender mint is my favorite so far.

Robert B. (Toronto, CA)

Lovely natural and pleasant scent, that stays on me for a surprisingly long time, and that's no small feat for me :)

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