Dry Shampoo - 100% Natural with pure bamboo extract

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Hair Colour
Blonde to Platinum
Brunette to Black
  • Does your hair get oily?

    Do you wish you didn't have to wash it so often? Want to avoid using toxic products on your beautiful Crown? Want to Save Time washing your hair and also have movie-star Volume?

    If You Said YES To Any Of The Above, Then This Is The Product For You!

    Glowing Orchid Organics Dry Shampoo is here to make your wishes come true 🙏 without the use of harmful chemicals 🙌

    So what is dry shampoo? Basically, it's a dry blend of carefully selected powders that will freshen up your hair, making it seem like it's just been washed & blow dried. With this innovative product, you get an extra day or two between your hair washings. It's a super convenient tool to have in your toolkit! So, if you're super busy in your daily work-life balance, then you need to save time wherever you can, and this is definitely one easy way to do just that.

    How does it work? It absorbs oil from your scalp and hair giving it that fresh washed look. By absorbing the oil secreted from our scalps, our dry shampoo helps mattifies shine and your hair won't feel as lank or heavy anymore.

    Our shampoo comes in powder form with no toxic propellants as found with aerosols. Made with quality ingredients such as: mineral-rich clays , organic essential oils and 100% pure bamboo extract.

    Our formula is:

    • Available in both light & dark formulas
    • Sulfate free, Talc-free, Paraben free, GMO free
    • No artificial fragrances or fillers
    • 100% natural, vegan & cruelty free

    100 g of product in each recyclable/reusable aluminium bottle with a convenient shaker lid for easy dispensing & application.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Cheryl (Burns Lake, CA)
Works great

This dry shampoo powder works great, and I really love the subtle natural fragrance that leaves my hair feeling refreshed. I took a chance and ordered the one for dark/black hair, (I have mousy brown hair that would be considered medium blond) the dark option blends in perfectly with my shade of hair. If there was an in between option, I would rate it a solid 4.5/5, the only reason I couldn’t give it a full five stars is because there is a tiny bit of a gritty texture that feels present throughout the day. Overall, I really like it, it works great and I would order this product again

Darcy C. (Vancouver, CA)
Works well

I'm not a huge dry shampoo user but I like that this doesn't have aerosol. I have a longer pixie cut and on Day 2 hair, this helps keep the oils down so it lasts another day.

Jill S. (Victoria, CA)
dry shampoo

while I do love the scent of your dry shampoo, I find it too gritty, so I do not use it

Hi Jill! Thank you for sharing. We welcome feedback like this and dry shampoo is definitely our least favourite thing to mix due to the dust before we scent it.

Yes, we admit it can be slightly gritty, it's a tough product to make and to keep at a healthy level of particle size that can absorb and hold the scent for long period of time without having it be a dust that you inhale and damage lungs, if it's too fine then it runs the risk of being pasty from the essential oils and also dusty.

As you mentioned, it does smell great and it also does work great if you can get past the bit of grit! It can be a lifesafer for some occasions from personal experience. Most people don't notice it on their scalp but some are more sensitive up there. Totally understand where you are coming from as we have had one other customer a few years ago who had mentioned it being too gritty for her. Leave us a note on your next order and we will make it up to you!

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