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This bundle includes your essentials for maintaining your glow <3  

By ordering the bundle, you allow us to offset our shipping costs and save you a whopping 20% 

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Love Everything!!

I decided to purchase this pack to try a bit of everything, and I am so so happy with every product! The facial creme gives the best glow and hydrates even the most dry skin without being oily. The lip balm and whipped body butter both smell and feel amazing. The clay mask makes my skin feel smooth as a baby’s bum, and the deodorant works better than any I have used, natural or not. On top of that, the products smell good enough to eat. You all need to try this company - they’re the real deal!

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Real customer reviews

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best natural deodorant

Best natural deodorant hands down. I have tried a lot and this is by far the best!! I have gotten a lot of people onto this brand too, everyone is extremely happy.

Trial Vanilla Deodorant

I ordered a trial of this deodorant and was pleasantly surprised when I saw how cute the envelop was in the nail. Unfortunately we were going through a heat wave and when I opened the lid it poured out all over me (I was expecting it to have fully melted). The company was great and sent me another one. I love the smell and I find that the deodorant does a good job of keeping me smelling fresh. I do have to rub it in after applying it and find the texture to still be really soft. The vanilla smell however is fantastic.

Lemongrass & Rose smells amazing!

Love the Lemongrass & Rose deodorant. It smells so good! Picked it up at my local zero waste store. This was the first good deodorant I’ve found in zero waste packaging that works well.


I absolutely love the deodorant I purchased from Glowing Orchid. I’ve tried several other organic deodorants but still had reactions. Glowing Orchid supplied me with the one that fits me❤️

Beautifully scented